Thursday, April 27, 2006

Cancer News!

I don't know whether I published this before but a couple of weeks ago my wife underwent breast surgery for cancer. It was a lymphocytes and it has been her third surgery in two years. Yesterday she met with her surgeon for the results of the biopsy and future treatment. The Dr. thought she had gotten it all and no chemotherapy or radiation this time. My wife was elated, to say the least, as she had really been sweating this one out. She wouldn't let anyone go with her this time, to see the Dr. It was a nail-bitter for me so it was probably good I had the concrete pour from hell to take my mind off of things. We had a nice quiet supper so that we could have some wine and just talk, the two of us. God was good to us today.

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keewee said...

Yes, God is good. This is wonderful news. Thank you for sharing.