Monday, June 26, 2006

King Lobster

When you live in New England and you want to have a party----Have a Lobster Party! That is exactly what my wife and I did yesterday on the occasion of our 39th anniversary. We invited our close, local, family over for a lobster dinner. All you need is a telephone. We called up our local grocery story and said we need 6 – 2# lobsters for 6 PM and cook them please. Bought a couple bottles of veno, some Bud, baked a few potatoes, some veggies and the party was on. The lobster was superb but a little bit of work because the shells are tough this time of year. As you will notice from the photo below that it was a very informal affair and no one wore tails, only bibs but a blast none the less.

The table really looks bad as it is littered with shells, spilled juice, butter cup drippings and lobster bibs along with a roll of our finest dinner table linen. No respectable New Englander would eat lobster without a lobster bib.

Grandson Sam has always refused to eat lobster so he got pizza but curiosity was getting the best of him. I think he figured that since everyone was making such a big deal out of the lobsters, maybe something to look into. He started trying some little pieces with butter and then started working on some legs. Cousin Clara was the resident expert on Lobsters and took him under her wing to learn the fine art.

Cousin Clara said “That’s all I can show you Sam as the rest is up to you. The cracker, probe, fork and bib have passed to another generation as it has in so many New England families. Here’s to a great harvest this year!!![and lower prices] and Long Live the King Lobster!”

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