Friday, June 09, 2006

Randy has "Issues"!

Randy has issues! Randy has issues with wheels and no one knows what to do about it. It doesn’t make any difference what type of wheels, just any wheels. Skateboard wheels, bicycle wheels, car wheels and even stroller wheels. He reacts badly when he is confronted by wheels as he attacks the wheels. When the wheels stop he stops, just like nothing happened but he keeps the wheels in sight out of the corner of his eye, just in case. No one knows what to do to correct the problem. The head trainer at obedience class says it is due to imprinting but just shrugs her shoulders when she is asked for a solution. When I was but a wee lad growing up on the streets of Sturgis there were lots of “imprinted” dogs around because they manifested their disorder by chasing cars, including one of our dogs. The popular solution, at the time, was to have someone ride in the back seat of your car with a squirt gun loaded with a solution of water and ammonia. You then slowly drove by the dogs house and when the dog came out and tried to bite the wheels off, your passenger would shoot the dog in the eyes with the squirt gun and the dog would hurry off to the nearest sprinkler to wash his eyes out. End of problem. The dogs are probably cured of their “imprinting” because they could no longer see wheels. Who knows. The dogs owners, Sam, Michael and Ellen have refused to let me try this particular solution as a cure for Randy’s “imprinting” problem. I know that once I had claustrophobia so for my own “ammonia-in-the-eye” trick I joined the Navy and volunteered for submarine duty. I have claustrophobia about twice as bad now. Maybe one of the faithful readers out there in “blogger Land” has a cure for this “Wheels Syndrome” and would pass it along.

Picture to right is Randy checking me out his garage door window as I drove up.

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Roger Bourland said...
Doesn't help with your problem, but see my blog (above) so you won't feel alone with geriatrics and canine issues!
Love to read your blog.