Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Another, sad, garbage story

Damn! I missed the recycling pickup this morning. Spent to much time on the blog last night and decided to put everything out this morning. Were the 1st block picked up on recycling day and I forgot that they started 30 minutes earlier on the 1st of March. Summer working hours I guess. I had refused to put my trash out the night before because it attracted dogs, cats and professional garbage pickers. Professional garbage pickers, you wonder? Why those are the people that hid their new Cadillac's and mini vans on the side streets, dress in ugly clothes and pull a little red wagon around going through your trash and making a small fortune doing it. Probably are related to Shorty and his brother. I really shouldn't worry because the new serialized rubbish bins have secure lids and the skunks can't make it up, at least I don't think they can. There is nothing you can do about the pro's because your garbage, oops rubbish, bin is on public property. In the past, I have even tried to chase them away with a stick but that doesn't work either because they also have sticks that they use to dig through your rubbish and to chase away dogs. I still have a nasty three inch scare over my right eye from a little old lady I tried to chase away. Cops came and gave both of us the option of filling a complaint against each other and called me an ambulance and reprimanded me for threatening a little old lady. Called it the "Free Enterprise System". Told me if I didn't like the system then I should move to Canada where they still let you put tires in plastic bags and the garbage guys still pick it up. Said two brothers moved up from the islands and took over the entire garbage collection system for Canada. [If your laughing or crying it means you have been paying attention] Sorry but there is at least one more post coming on this subject. Dick

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dayna said...

That is hilarious Dick. Poor little old lady, you beast.