Friday, March 04, 2005

I was tricked!!!!!

As I feared, Wife and Daughter deceived me. There was one other man. Some teacher that has to have some kinda disease because loss of weight was not his problem. Maby he was there to meet women as there were certainly a lot there. Big, tall, short, fat, young and old. My two gals are trying to explain this away as there were a lot of guys there last week. Riiiight! The trickery didn't stop there. My wife said she would pay my weekly dues for me, to help get me started. She paid for the next 10 weeks, so I have to go at least that long now. As part of the whole thing you are expected to sit through a weekly "pump up speech" of 45 minute duration [which was really 1 hour because of the dumb questions]. As a new member, you are expected to sit through a "Get Acquainted" speech of 45 minutes duration [which was really 1 hour because of really dumb questions]. I paid attention and learned how to work my scale, to count points, how to keep track and resisted all of the pitches for extra things such as a special holder to keep your daily points sheet, point guide, etc and fits right in your purse, snack foods, magazines, books, online "help aids" at $12.00/month, etc. etc. It wasn't a terrible experience as I've been to weddings worse than that. I knew I was in trouble when I got out of my truck infront of the "Womens Club" building. I had 6 points for breakfast today but I havn't lost any weight yet. Maby tomorrow. I'll let you know if I do. "I'll be watching out for ya"


dayna said...

*LOL* I love your wife. This is the best. Your mission is to find out what the hell that other man is doing there.

Ted said...

I'll find out! Not a bad angle for a pickup. Beats the bars.