Friday, January 14, 2005

12 year old arrested for murder

I don't want to make this a political Blog or a heavy Blog but something I can't let go by without a comment.We have a case here locally where a 12 year old has been arrested and charged with murder in the death of a 3 year old. Seems the 12 year old was charged with watching the 3 year old and repeatedly raped and beat him and the 3 year old eventually died of severe head injuries. Now the 12 yearold's mother has been charged with murder as she knew about the rape and beatings and didn't intervene. The mother of the 3 year old had to go to Puerto Rico on a business trip and left the 3 year old in the care of someone who turned him over to the 12 year old's mother to take care of. The Story can be viewed here. The upsetting thing is that this story has been running for about a week now and both of our local stations have been running the story with the pictures of the little boy at his recent and last birthday as well as photos of him in the hospital, in a coma, as Dr's tried to save him. The birthday party is not in the above mentioned clip only the hospital scene. I have no objection to the story being the lead story, every day, because it has been changing every day but rather my objection is to the showing of the little boy at his birthday party and in the hospital with almost every repeat of the story. I think this is sensationalism a very sad story in a readership race by the two local stations. The other channel is WGGB and does not have streaming video so is probably losing the ratings race at this time but it is the news channel we usually watch and they show all of the same videos. Enough is enough! But I don't know how you make your voice heard or give an opinion that anyone listens to. May be they keep showing these pictures because it is what we want to watch?? I hope not.

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