Wednesday, January 19, 2005

5 below and counting

[This was to be for Wed but I forgot to post]Another day is upon us and it is now 5 below, I'm not impressed. Started out this morning with to many layers. I guess I'm turning out to be a bit of a wimp in my old age. Our 5 below is moderated by watching a report from MN where it was 51 below. Have a brother in MN, I will have to call him and ask him about that. An update now on the continuing saga of "What to do with Randy". Took him to the Animal Hospital this morning to be cut and have a few other things fixed. He was the star as soon as we entered. Went to the counter to check in and Randy put his front paws up on the counter to greet everyone and then proceeded to walk 3 feet back and then back to the counter. Everyone oww-ed and aw-ed and said what a smart dog, "you must have sent him to obedience school." If they only knew. He had chewed through his leash by the time we got there. I think his new one will be made out of chain!

I think we have found a solution to Randys bed eating problem. I order a lot of work clothing and other things from as they have a very wide assortment of hard to find tools/clothes/specialbags/etc for the tradesman and now they have dog equipment. The owner of the company had problems with his dog, a golden lab, that was eating up beds and so he designed one that his dog couldn't eat. We shall see.


dayna said...

Good luck ! :) Oh, and thanks for the advise regarding Reno. I absolutely refuse to spend any of my own money gambling, we'll see how I do.

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