Monday, January 03, 2005

Old Blue

This afternoon I was reclining in my NEW pickup truck, listening to some good old country tunes and awaiting the arrival of my Grandson from his classroom. I was harking back to the day I paid off the bank on "Old Blue". It was 1992. When I paid her off I decided to get a savings account and make 1/2 of my payment every month to that account and then when I needed a new truck it would probably be paid for. Well, don't you know, when I bought the new truck I had to take out a loan for almost the entire cost of the pickup. I couldn't find the money. Hell I couldn't even find the account it was supposed to be in. What ever happens to good intentions and this was a good one? Not as good as when I gave up smoking but that's a different story. It took a couple of days to get everything straightened out and when I left to go get the new pickup, I glanced over at "Old Blue". I got 160,000 miles and 14 years out of her without any major problems and had even driven her that morning. There she sat with a huge puddle of transmission oil beneath her. True Story.


dayna said...

I want to hear the smoking story !!!!

Denise said...

I want to hear the stop smoking story too! I've been not smoking for a whole month, gimme a story of cheer!!