Wednesday, January 05, 2005

What to do with Randy?

Randy ate his bed. We had a nice dog cushion in the kitchen, where Randy sleeps at night, and in a five minute period, when he was left alone, he shredded the bed and there was shredded rubber filling everywhere. Now he sleeps on the floor. He is chewing us out of house and bed. To top it off, he had just came inside after a dash for freedom that almost finished him off. We have a large parking lot behind our house that is used for the office and maintenance shop and nightly Randy and I play fetch. I throw the ball and he goes gets it and brings it back, circling me two or three times as part of the game. Not a real good retriever yet. The last retrieval resulted in his circling me once and then taking off for a tour of the neighborhood. His first Romp as we call it. Trouble is the front of our house has a busy four lane highway and he raced out into the middle of it showing everyone how good he is at bounding. He bounds like a deer sometimes?? When I got close [out in the middle of the four lanes of busy traffic] he would take off. Finally he reached the other sidewalk, which bounds our cemetery and headed West. Remembering that I was 61 and I wanted to make it to my scheduled physical today, I slowed down and was loosing sight of him. A jogger stopped Randy and petted him, about 4 blocks away, grabbing his collar and headed East with him, figuring someone was probably looking for him. What a nice man. Just goes to show you that all joggers aren't bad. Now what to do with Randy?

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