Monday, January 17, 2005

Pinewood Derby time again

It is tough to post when your wearing a winter parka and it is so cold that your fingers don't work. The bright side is that I can't be held responsible for any spelling errors. Blame it on the fingers. I know, I know it is a lot colder up in Canada and over in Buffalo where some of our new friends reside but this is our coldest day for the year and it is going to get tougher. I have mixed feeling about the weather as I work in a cemetery. The cold weather allows the ground to refreeze and we can drive over it without doing damage. Friday we had to dig a grave and in the process ripped up about 30 graves getting in and out. Warm weather with rain. This gives us lots to do in the spring. This weather allowed our New England Patriots to easily roll over the Colts who live life in a domed stadium.

My daughter, the Den Mother, informed me last night that it is "Pinewood Derby" time again. Being that I am a Grandfather of a "Pinewood Derby" participant, wouldn't I like to help him build a car again this year [we came in last, I believe]? And, by the way, wouldn't I want to help the other boys and their fathers, in the Den, who don't have a place to build their cars, or the tools? I could let them use my work shop but only with my supervision and terms [I assume this is to help ward off lost fingers and eyes and to help preclude future law suits]. She said there would only be four boys and fathers at a time, to make me feel better. Somehow that doesn't help. I said "OK" knowing it was the wrong thing to say.

I would love to stay and visit but tis time to pull on the insulated underwear, insulated boots, Scotch Cap, three more layers and venture out onto the frozen landscape. Earn my keep, so to say. My Grandson who is still sound asleep [holiday] probably has visions of "Pinewood Derby" car designs dancing in his head. I can't wait. Stay tuned.

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dayna said...

Reading that makes me feel cold. I hate the cold. It is cold here it makes me kind of mad. I find I'm always tense and then my neck gets sore. I'm going to Reno next Saturday which is supposed to be a little warmer. Oh please be warmer in Reno.

Good luck on the Pinewood Derby activities !!! Its really nice that your grandson has grandparents actively involved in his life.