Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Not much to say

Not much to say Posted by Hello Thought I would add to the previous post "5 degrees...." about Randys trials and tribulations. You are probably saying "Poor Randy", Right? Well let me tell you he ate 3 of these lampshades at $14 each. This picture is of the third and largest size. He would hook it onto his haunch and then bend it so he could lick himself or eat the shade. We were all beat up from him running into us, so we quit the project and took the remainder of this lampshade off of him. Once we took it off he hardley licks himself. Go figure.

In that same January 19th posting I reported on the unchewable bed find I had made. I am happy to report that it has been in use for 4 days now and the bed is still intact. He managed to open up the velcro fastner at the end of the bed, once, that is used to change the filling but that is all. He really works at chewing the bed but to no avail. Glory be!!

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dayna said...

Hilarious !!!!